Complete Breeding Guide


Hi guys, Zombie Racing here with another guide, this time on breeding! Hopefully I can answer some questions that you have if you're relatively new to Zed Run and not experienced the thrills of breeding before! This won't necessarily be breeding theory and how to produce great racers, I'll save that for future articles, but it will go over the actual process of producing Zed Run offspring. If you are unsure on any terms in here they will most likely be covered in my previous article here where I go through each term in 'Zombie Boy is a z10 Genesis Buterin Stallion with a Fuzzy Wuzzy coat'. If that makes no sense to you then I'd definitely take a look at that first. The breeding barn reopening has been teased a lot, and as soon as we see those doors open we expect it to be carnage with 1000s of new horses hitting the tracks so it's best to make sure you're fully prepped for the process!

Where do I start?

To start with you need a male (colt/stallion) and a female (filly/mare) horse to make a baby. It's science. Zed science. The way the ZED system works follows real life horse racing in many ways. If you own the female then you can pay a cover (breed) fee to a male and you get to keep the offspring. The way this translates to Zed is in the form of the breeding barn where horses breed together to instantly create an offspring. Male horses can enter the stud farm where stable owners can browse all the horses in there and pick out the perfect colt for their filly to go to the barn with! How romantic...

The Stud Farm

Colts/Stallions have to enter the stud farm in order to be eligible to be bred. When a horse is entered here, the owner sets a cover fee and an amount of time the stud stays in there. There is a minimum fee set by Zed for each bloodline, but if you own a really good racing stallion then you can put this price much higher! It is one of the many ways you can make money from your ponies. There is currently no option for private breeding. This means that if you have a partner for your colt already in your stable, you will have to put that colt in the stud farm and breed with it from there just like everybody else would! You are granted a discount if you own the colt you are breeding with but it essentially means it is fair game for every body else to breed with it too. Last time we saw Pinkman in the stud farm for $10k 🤯

Picking a stud

There are a number of reasons you would breed with a horse.
  1. Racing ability - the colt is amazing on the track and you want those genes passed on to your offspring!
  2. Coat colour - the colt is from the same colour group or the exact same colour and you want to produce specific coat offspring! If you breed two of the same coat together you have a chance at a supercoat!
  3. Lineage - the colt may not be the best on the track, but his parents/grandparents were! These super genes can be passed on too and can skip generations like in real life!

So you've picked a stud, now what?

In terms of logistics it is a simple click of buttons. If you have the funds in WEth/Zed Balance, you simply need to select the stud from the stud farm and pick out the female horse you want to breed with from your stable! Then metamask will pop up to complete the transaction, simples! Breeding is completed instantly and the offspring is minted and sent to your stable! It might take a few minutes to appear but if the money has left your account your pony is on its way. Now the horse is in your stable, it's time to name it! Each name has to be unique so make sure you pick a good one!

What are the limits? - *UPDATED*

To add to the already in depth strategy of the game, there are also limits to the amount of breeds you can do. This means you need to be very selective with your breeds! Each male horse can breed 7 times a month and each female only 2 times. Each male horse can breed 3 times a month and each female only 1 times. This adds some value to colts as you can produce many more horses, but at the same time fillies own any offspring in these transactions so there are pros and cons to each gender. These limits reset on a horses birthday! To check this you can look at the horse's birthday here

What should I do?

There are 3 situations that stable owners will find themselves in on Zed Run.
  1. You own just a filly/mare
  2. You own just a colt/stallion
  3. You own both!
Situation 1 - you need to hit the stud market and find yourself a colt! It all depends on your budget but I outlined the reasons above. Another popular strategy with stable owners is to reach out directly to colt owners you want to breed with. Private deals can be done where you share the costs of breeding and both keep an offspring each. Please please please do your due diligence and make sure that you are doing these kinds of deals with trusted people. Situation 2 - similarly to 1, you could set up a split offspring deal with a stable that owns a filly. You can also just put your stud in there and rake in the money from people breeding with your fella! You can take this as profit or reinvest it and buy more horses from people selling theirs. Maybe buy a filly to set yourself up for situation 3? Situation 3 - you own both genders so you can breed in house! This has its benefits as you can breed these two horses together at a discounted price to the open market. A full breakdown of costs is below, but it can be a great way to grow your stable fast.

What are the costs?

The base fee is expected to stay the same with the exception of Nakamotos, they are expected to increase. The base fee last time was 0.075. The bloodline (naka/szabo...) and breed type (genesis/legendary...) are taken into account in this equation. This applies to the colt you are breeding with, the filly's bloodline and breed type are not taken into account. The bloodline will account for 80% (0.8x) of the breed price.
  • Nakamoto (180%, 1.8x) - subject to change
  • Szabo (120%, 1.2x)
  • Finney (40%, 0.4x)
  • Buterin (15%, 0.15x)
The breed type accounts for the other 20% (0.2x) of the breed price.
  • Genesis (180%, 1.8x)
  • Legendary (150%, 1.5x)
  • Exclusive (120%, 1.2x)
  • Elite (90%, 0.9x)
  • Cross (80%, 0.8x)
  • Pacer (60%, 0.6x)
Examples:  A Genesis Szabo would cost: 0.075 x ((0.8 x 1.2) + (0.2 x 1.8)) = 0.099 Eth A Buterin Elite would cost: 0.075 x ((0.8 x 0.15) + (0.2 x 0.9)) = 0.0225 Eth All prices are in Eth, this means that as it pumps prices are going up. The base price is subject to change as per Zed's disclaimer, so if it keeps going like it is we may see the base prices adjusted.

Other discounts

I mentioned earlier that you get a discount on breeding within your own stable, that means that the cost of a breed to you is reduced by 35%. You can apply this to the above calculation by simply multiplying your current costs by 0.65. For instance the Elite Buterin example came to a cost of 0.0225 Eth. If this was in your own stable the cost would be: 0.0225 x 0.65 = 0.014625 Eth. The discount is quite handy as you can see!

$$$tud Fees

When putting a horse in the stud stable you have three options for the amount of time it can go in for, 1 3 or 7 days. This choice is quite important, it determines how much of the stud fee you receive and also the amount of time your horse is off the track. You will not be able to race your horse until after it leaves the stud farm. This decision is easier if you plan to breed with your own fillys as you will not receive stud fees from breeds if you own both the colt and the filly. However if you do not then you can make more from leaving them in there longer, as follows:
  • 1 day - 40% of fee
  • 3 days - 48% of fee
  • 7 days - 56% of fee
Zed take a flat 15% fee from any breed, the rest is put into prize pools for free races!


To help add some perspective, if you have a genesis Szabo colt and put it into the stud farm every month (for 7 days) at the minimum price you could end up receiving 36 stud fees per year. At 56% of 0.099 you would receive 0.05544 etheruem 36 times! That's 2 ethereum over a year... If you have a filly, you could be creating 12 brand new zed run horses per year! If you pick the right colts you could be looking at some serious eth per offspring!

So.. #wenbreed?

We have been teased for a while on breeding reopening. Like a lot of you guys reading this we are really excited to get started, I can't see it being too far off before those doors open. Update - we have been told the 12th July is when we can see it opening. Hopefully it is soon so we can get more horses in new users hands ASAP so we can all enjoy the wonders of ZED. That's it from me, if you have any questions my DMs are open or join the Zombie Racing discord and ask them in the general chat, there are a ton of experienced stables in there willing to answer any questions you have! If you are interested in the value of colts then definitely check out this article on Why I Think Colts Are Undervalued.

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