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Z8, genesis, Buterin


TRUMP Racing 22.000 WETH EST $40,044.19
Z73, cross, Buterin

Lady Cross

Yee Ha Stables 1.000 WETH EST $1,820.19
Z4, genesis, Szabo

Bubs Gold

🏆 Award Racing 🏆 1.000 WETH EST $1,820.19
Z92, pacer, Buterin


Pune Club 1.000 WETH EST $1,820.19
Z55, elite, Buterin

Just Superb

Waqas 0.235 WETH EST $427.74
Z6, genesis, Finney

Canford Crossing

Musidoras Educated Horses 0.233 WETH EST $424.10
Z2, legendary, Nakamoto

Fast Ruby

Casamigas 0.200 WETH EST $364.04
Z4, exclusive, Nakamoto

Beyond Wild

Cadet Bloodstock🩸🏇 0.200 WETH EST $364.04
Z3, exclusive, Nakamoto

It's All Coming Together

Golden Circle 0.150 WETH EST $273.03
Z9, genesis, Buterin

Road Tripping Pippin

It Was All A Dream 0.150 WETH EST $273.03
Z10, elite, Nakamoto

Sparkle and Midnight

KKC Stables 0.100 WETH EST $182.02
Z69, cross, Buterin


stable 80202844 0.100 WETH EST $182.02
Z4, genesis, Szabo


🏆 Award Racing 🏆 0.100 WETH EST $182.02
Z9, genesis, Buterin

Eternal Flame

Sabino Sunrise Stables 0.100 WETH EST $182.02
Z20, legendary, Buterin

World War Z

Shooting Star Stables 0.050 WETH EST $91.01
Z8, elite, Nakamoto

Crypto Cowgirl

🏎️MoTown Motorsports🏎️ 0.050 WETH EST $91.01
Z13, cross, Nakamoto

Breathless Hashrate

🌳Yggdrasil Stable🌳 0.050 WETH EST $91.01
Z5, exclusive, Nakamoto


stable 36344054 0.050 WETH EST $91.01
Z10, genesis, Buterin

Mysterious Assassin

🏆 Award Racing 🏆 0.035 WETH EST $63.71
Z9, elite, Nakamoto

Twice Removed

Fontana Company LTD 0.030 WETH EST $54.61
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