How To Buy A Zed Run Horse And Avoid Scams On The Market

Here is another Zombie Racing guide to get started on Zed Run! This guide will look into the different ways you can get a horse on Zed Run, focusing mainly on the secondary market, and how to avoid being scammed by other users. It will also mention a few exploits people are using to inflate horse prices that you need to look out for!

Where Can I Buy A Horse?

There are 3 ways to buy horses on Zed Run. You can pick one up from the secondary market, which is now entirely on, in a private deal or you can pick one up from a drop like the recent Teradrop. There are pros and cons to each that we will break down.

The Secondary Market

The secondary market is now entirely housed on If you are on the main opensea platform you can easily filter the collections to only zed run, this will search for zed run horses. There are filter options to help narrow down your searches. Once you have selected the zed run collection, the layout of filtering/sorting options looks like this: Each horse will appear, showing its name, an image and the price it is listed at. In some cases there are also bid offers on horses, this is where other users have decided to bid on a horse in the hopes the owner accepts a lower price. On each horse here you can see a little 'M' symbol in the bottom left. This indicates that the horse is on the matic network and you can buy or bid in WEth (Wrapped Ethereum used on Zed Run). This is very useful as once you have your ethereum wrapped and on the matic network there are no gas fees with transferring horses. To buy you will need to select a horse, this is where you can see more stats for the horse too! You need to connect your metamask wallet to opensea and use your Weth to purchase. It works like a normal metamask transaction and the horse will be sent to your stable. Once you have connected your wallet you can also view your own zed run wallet assets and from there you can put your horses up for sale too!

Buyers beware

We have a few important tips here as there are a few caveats people are exploiting to lure people into buying their horses at inflated prices. We will look at a method people are using to sell horses with bad griffin odds for much more than they are worth. If you are unfamiliar with horse valuations then the main thing you need to know is that an unraced horse is worth considerably more than a raced horse that has pulled poor odds. In this example we will use the arbitrary values of 1 Eth ($2400) for a bad racehorse, and 2 Eth for an unraced horse. A tactic that is currently being used is entering a horse into a griffin race and waiting for the odds to show. If the odds are not good then the user will post the horse on opensea at a cut price cost in comparison to the other unraced horses, e.g. 1.5Eth. There is about a 10 minute window where this horse will appear unraced on opensea, when actually the horse has already entered a race and the griffin odds have been revealed. If you are buying an unraced horse it is extremely important to double check the horse is not currently entered into a griffin race! A similar tactic some users are employing to sell bad racers is to put their horses on opensea for above the unraced value, e.g. 3Eth and waiting for a bid on their horse that is above the bad racehorse value e.g. 1.5Eth. Bidders here are trying to get an unraced horse for less than the market price and hoping the owner accepts their offer. The exploit then involves the current owner entering that horse into a griffin race, from here you have 2 scenarios
  1. The horse is a racer! It pulls great odds and the owner never accepts the 1.5Eth bid because they have a don!
  2. The horse is glue :( It pulls 30 odds and the owner decides to accept the 1.5Eth bid.
In the second scenario, the bidders' bid is still available to accept from the owner. The bidder is no longer receiving an unraced horse and has dramatically over paid for a bad racehorse. This loop hole is being exploited regularly on opensea and for this reason I recommend to not bid on any horses unless you know the seller. In general I recommend only using the buy now function.

Sellers beware too!

There are a few important tips for sellers too. We recently saw a z1 with a current floor of 18Eth ($43,000) go for 0.85 Eth! So make sure you are extremely careful when pricing your horses on opensea! This user looks to have lost out on over $40k! Another tip is to make sure you don't forget that your horse is on sale! The other day we saw an unraced horse listed for 0.4Eth get snapped up after the owner put it in a griffy. It pulled odds under 4! Opensea pros
  • Decentralised platform - there are no middlemen, if you buy a horse it is automatically transferred to your stable
  • Biggest Market - Supply is currently the biggest here, you have the most choice
  • Bidding - you can bid lower and hope to get a better deal (just watch out for unraced horses!)
  • WEth - you can purchase in Weth/Zed Wallet
Opensea cons
  • Fees - there is a 2.5% fee on all transactions
  • Manipulations - as shown above it is not a perfect system and people can lose out when bidding.

Private Deals

The second place to pick up horses are in private deals. These are direct transactions you are making with a seller you have found online when researching Zed, or in the community spaces like Discord or Twitter. There are many places people advertise their horses outside of Opensea, but one extremely important thing to remember is that this is the internet. People are out there looking to make a quick buck and scammers exist. These deals go smoothly 99% of the time but there have been a few cases where people have taken horses and run. Please, please, please be careful when doing private deals with people online. If you head to either the Zombie Racing or Main Zed discords, there are a number of very reputable escrows in the community. However if the seller recommends some one you do not recognise then look for an escrow you do. If you are unfamiliar with the term escrow, it is essentially a middleman to facilitate private deals and works as follows:
  1. Seller sends horse to escrow
  2. Buyer sends money to seller
  3. Escrow sends horse to buyer
If this seems dodgy too, then ask the seller to place the horse for sale on opensea and buy through that platform. If at this point there is still doubt, then back out. Private deals pros
  • Price - you can sometimes get a better deal going direct to a seller. You can also negotiate and trade horses too if you do not have eth available, but you own horses the seller may be interested in.
  • Not on the market horses - if you see a horse on the track you like, you might be able to tempt the owner to part ways if you reach out to them directly and offer a good price
  • Currency - with gas fees constantly up and down, it can sometimes be in each persons interest to transact in eth instead of weth. A private deal gives this as an option.
Private deals cons
  • Scams - the biggest scams take place in private deals. You can lose heavily here as we've seen already. If in doubt, back out.


If you want to wait for a drop to purchase a horse you can check out our drop guide here. There is currently no scheduled drop but there will be more in the future. It is definitely the cheapest way to get into the platform right now but it is extremely difficult to pick up horses and the drops can sometimes be months apart. Pros
  • Comparatively very cheap, most horses resale for considerably more than drop prices
  • Genesis horses only, the genesis horses are the most desirable in the game
  • Massive demand, every user on the game is looking to pick up horses here
  • Limited supply, there are not enough horses to go around, leading to most people missing out on buying a horse
  • Limited drops, the next drop is still unannounced and we could be waiting a while to find out when it is


Please be careful out there when trying to purchase horses, if a deal looks too good to be true then it probably is. I'd 100% recommend using only buy now deals on opensea and go into private deals with your eyes wide open. Don't set yourself up to lose, use an escrow where you can and if in doubt back out. The last thing we want to see is the scammers win! Looking for an escrow? - I can personally recommend Award Racing and Coady from the Zombie Discord to act as an escrow, you can find them in the Zombie Discord. There are also several other users in the main Zed Run discord that have a good reputation for providing an escrow service so be sure to get trusted stables recommendations on who to use. If you have any questions or looking for more help then join our discord here and ask, we have a great community building filled with people willing to help!

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