How To Set Up Your Zed Run Stable

Welcome to Zed Run! I assume you're here because you're looking to set up a new stable and get your hands on some sweeeeet ponies! With an influx of new users I thought it was best to put out a visual guide on the best way to set up your stable. I've had a ton of questions so hopefully you'll find some answers here!

Email vs Metamask

When you first open the site you will be greeted with a big green start button. Click here and you will be presented with this screen... You have the options of an email account OR a Metamask account. It is our strong opinion that you should use a Metamask wallet on Zed. The option of email here does work but it will complicate a lot of the platform down the line when it comes to accessing the secondary market, and is not recommended. If you do not have a Metamask wallet already then do not click 'Connect Metamask'. t is extremely easy to set one up and it works like any other crypto wallet. The main difference is that it takes the form of a browser extension. You can find it in the chrome web store. You'll need to set it up following all the instructions, and remember to write down your seed phrase! There are a number of horses lost forever in crypto wallets that people have lost access to!

Now What?

Once you have set up your metamask wallet you should now click the 'connect metamask' button. You will then get an option to 'Authenticate'. Click this and it will launch a pop up from your metamask browser extension. The pop up is a signature request, it is basically metamask's way of getting your permission to perform actions from the wallet. This one is your permission to link the wallet with the site. Click 'Sign'. Once connected, click on the metamask extension and it should have a green light next to the word 'connected' in the top right like in this screenshot.  


Congratulations you're all set up from a wallet point of view. Now you can head to your stable within the Zed site and customize it as you like! Upload an image and name your stable! To play on the site you will need Ethereum (Eth) and Wrapped Ethereum (WEth). They appear as two separate balances on the zed site like the image below. If you have just created your metamask wallet you will not have any Eth or WEth in the account as seen in the image above, it will say 0 and 0. You will first need to add Ethereum to your metamask wallet. If you are new to cryptocurrencies then I would recommend buying Ethereum directly into your metamask wallet using the 'buy' option if it is available in your area. I know there are a lot of issues from state to state in the US and different rules around the globe so you may have issues doing this. If you do there are many exchanges that you can sign up to, we use coinbase. If you do not have an account with an exchange already then you can sign up for a coinbase account here. On coinbase you can then purchase Ethereum and send it to your metamask wallet. To do this you need to 'withdraw' it from your coinbase wallet and 'deposit' it at your metamask ethereum address. This can be found in the browser extension. This is all quite complicated if you are new to cryptocurrencies and there are a lot of steps so reach out on the main Zed discord channels and the community can help if you have any questions.

Now I have Eth why do I need WEth?

Firstly, you should now see an Eth balance appear at the top of the page as in a previous image showing your 'Eth balance'. It used to be the case that Ethereum was used throughout the zed run site. Using Ethereum requires 'gas' which is an essential part of the network, it is much like any regular transaction fee but it really racks up when you have a lot of transactions across the site. WEth solves the gas issue making all transactions gasless. Now every transaction on the site is done in WEth. To deposit Eth into Weth you need to click on your wallet symbol and in the pop up menu there are deposit and withdraw options to send your Ethereum to Wrapped Ethereum and vice versa. The transactions are done by the metamask wallet and are pretty straight forward. Now you have WEth you can use it to buy horses in drops, enter races and breed! To purchase horses through the secondary market you will use your WEth too. Head to to see what is on the market. It works the same as Zed through metamask so you need to connect it in the same way. Happy racing!!

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