Pre-Order Zombie Offspring

Want to get your hand on a zed run horse with a chance? The first batch of Zombie Racing horses will be available to pre order soon! We plan to release a batch of Zombie Exclusives when breeding is back and we are trying to prepare the stable to meet demand. We are going to keep hold of the Legendaries for now to help get more exclusives in people's stables, but they will also be available in future batches. The pricing should also be very attractive to new users who are looking at opensea and wincing at the prices.
Zombie Boy is the best z10 genesis horses on the game!
We will be breeding horses from Legendary Zombie horses like 'The Night King' and 'The White Walker' who are both great racers in their own right and new horses including 'Big And Tall' x 'Zombie Boy' legendaries! These will be created first in the breeding barn and then we will breed the offspring further down to meet the demand. They will be limited and we are going to price them very fairly as a way to help onboard new users and give them a good shot on the track. Having some good horse lineage in the stable is also a great starting point and a basis to breed your own legends!
The White Walker is one of Zombie Boy's legendary horses!
The pricing is not yet finalised, and will be released soon. All horses released will be unbred and unraced. There will be premiums available if you want the parents to be of a certain bloodline. For instance if you want an Exclusive with a Nakamoto as one of the parents then this will be available, however it will cost more than one with Buterin parents. This is because breeding costs are higher for Nakamotos compared to other bloodlines. There will also be a premium on fillys. With the breeding barn only open for a few days last time, we managed to produce some very good Zombie Exclusives including 'Hot Stepper' who has a 19.8% win rate!
Hot Stepper is the daughter of 'The White Walker' mixed with a Genesis Buterin
Please contact us below with the kind of horse you are after so we can effectively prepare ourselves for when the breeding barn doors fly open! By filling it out you also get priority to the first horses available, we will contact you before anyone else.
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