The Complete Drop Guide

Prepare yourselves.

Given the recent spike in demand for NFTs in general, it is no surprise that everyone is eager to pick up some virtual horses on upcoming Zed Run drops. There are now over 55,000 discord users and a meagre 38,000 genesis horses available in total. Given a lot of these have already been released, the demand on the coming drops is going to be crazy. The best thing you can do is prepare yourselves properly.

What you're going to see

Looking back at the last drop, the image below shows how the horses will appear in the marketplace on the main zed run site. They will all appear with prices with a straight forward way to purchase them using your metamask wallet. There are also filter options that reduce the number of horses the system loads. We recommend having two windows open, one to load all the horses and a second to try filtering horses in the hopes they appear faster! The horses fly off the shelves so quickly you'll be lucky to read a name before picking a horse so if you see one appear then grab it!

Top Tip - Learn from previous drops

The most recent drop (May 7th) saw a new release system where horses were dropped in waves. Everyone had one opportunity to pick up horses per wave that was sent to their email. This caused a lot of issues as the links were not linked to one stable meaning anyone could purchase from the drop with that link. It is my feeling that if these waves continue in future drops, they will be stable specific. From my experience filtering narrowed down the search a lot which reduced the number of horses the site was trying to pull. This meant that it loaded faster. I was selecting a few coats at random along with a gender and 4-5 horses would appear. If there was one at the z number I was after I would buy it as quickly as possible.

Drop Checklist

  1. Get WEth prepared ASAP. The transfer times from Eth to Weth can be very long (sometimes hours) so the sooner the better! I like to do it at least the day before a drop.
  2. Make sure your email address is in your stable settings. This is how they will send you your wave link if they keep a similar drop system.
  3. Be ready! Last time links were sent about 20 minutes before the wave started so if we see a split drop schedule you'll need to be ready to go at any of them.

How to know you have bought a horse

I can't stress this one enough. DO NOT BE PICKY. The only real decision you can make before a drop is the z number you are looking to purchase, as that dictates your budget and how much money you need to have in your wallet. Aside from that there is nothing else to do but click and pray you were first. If you are first you will know as the weth will transact from your account. If you think you have purchased a horse and the weth has not gone I'd recommend trying to snap up more horses in your budget until you see your weth go down. We now have no gas on transactions so you can't lose doing this. It genuinely is manic and all I can do is wish you the best of luck. If you fail to purchase a horse on one of the drops then there are plenty of other ways to pick up horses and enjoy this game. There is opensea which houses the secondary market and when breeding is open there will be a ton of horses to purchase either through the secondary market or directly with some bigger stables. We will be trying our best to provide new users with horses so make sure to keep an eye out when this will be available.

Good luck!

Write what you are looking for, choose the filters and press enter to begin your search!