The Donkey Tournament Is LIVE

With the tracks choc-a-bloc with high quality racers we thought it was time to bring back some fun for the owners of horses that can't quite compete right now. We've launched our very first Zombie Racing Tournament aimed at all the donkeys out there that want to try to win prizes too! Do you think you have one of the worst horses on the game? Then now is the time to prove it! With an entry of just $20 and a first prize of $500 then you could turn your donkey into one of the most profitable horses on the game! Not only are there prizes available to the entrants, but we are also donating $500 from the prize pool to Extra Life.

Tournament details

The tournament will consist of 3 races per day for a 3 day period, making for a total of 9 races to show off your donkeys!
  • Day 1 - Saturday 26th June
  • Day 2 - Sunday 27th June
  • Day 3 - Monday 28th June
The days will run from 07:00am UTC - 06:59 UTC the following day, this is 3am EST, Midnight PST and 5pm AEST. The first three races you run that day will automatically count towards your daily score so choose wisely! The scoring system will reward the best horses that can't find their way to the podium, and if you manage to get a win it will be detrimental to your score! 1st -5 points       4th +5 points      5th +4 points      6th +3 points      7th +2 points      8th +1 points     Other 0 points You will need to race in your horses current class at the time you enter your horse into a race. If you race above your current class the score of the race will not count but it will count towards your daily 3 limit.


Points mean prizes! The donkey with the highest score at the end of the 3 days will take home the grand prize of $500! There are also prizes up to 20th place to make sure even if your donkey doesn't take home a big prize they don't feel too left out. 1st $500 (25x entry) 2nd $100 (5x entry) 3rd $50 (2.5x entry) 4th - 20th $20 (1x entry) Note - annoyingly ethereum is its own animal and because of that these prizes have to be pegged to the price of ethereum. This works both ways, if ethereum goes on a bull run then you will get even more as a prize pool. We have given 3 tokens away to people who finished in the top 3 our free mini discord tournament that was set up with a view to iron out kinks for the main tournament. These were Superman, Jerry Sloan and Lucy with their horses Loophole Acrobat, Moon Rock and Julius Caesar. Let's see if they can bring their same donkey powers to the main tournament!

How to enter

Entry to the tournament is broken into 2 parts. You need to complete them in this order. You can enter a maximum of 2 horses per stable. If you enter 2 you need to buy 2 tokens and complete the google form twice! The process:
  1. Buy your token on Opensea -
  2. Link your token to your horse with this google form -
The tokens look like this: The tokens went on sale at 0.0103Weth ($20 at the time of going live). They are on the matic network so you need to use your Zed Balance to purchase the token, this also means no pesky gas fees too! We have already sold 20/100 at the time of writing so make sure you don't miss out!

Watching The Races & Top Tips

The Zombie Racing twitch channel will be live each night of the tournament - if you want to save your Donkey races for later in the day then I'd love to call some of the races! While its not required that you run in free races - you are actively looking to lose so it's my advice to stick to free races only. Especially when winning will score you -5 points in the tournament! To spot a free race coming up, you need to keep an eye on the 'Next to run' tab on the Zed Site. When a low prize pool race (<$5) finishes, a new free race will be available to enter in the 'Events' tab.

Go wake up your donkeys and let them stretch their legs!

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