The Zombie Racing Euros Sweepstakes

The Euros is finally here... a whole year late. We thought we'd get a sick Zed Run themed sweepstakes started to celebrate! Not only that but we could see a full FIVE separate sweepstakes going if all the tickets are bought! If you love soccer FOOTBALL, and you love Zed Run, then this sweepstakes is definitely for you! If you're unfamiliar with the process, you are randomly assigned a single team playing in the tournament. If your team wins the tournament then so do you! You'll receive a zed run horse direct from the zombie racing stable!

How To Get Involved

There is an entry fee of 0.02 Weth per ticket, with each 24 ticket sale triggering the next sweepstake. They will be released as ticket tokens that you can purchase on Opensea, the designs look awesome, thanks @_ZombieGFX! The first one is England themed 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 They will all be matic tokens so there will be no gas and you can use your zed wallet! The draw for the teams will take place on a dedicated stream in the days prior to the tournament starting on Friday 10th June to get us all excited. On there we will be drawing your team LIVE so make sure to tune in to see who you get! Once drawn, I will retrospectively update your token. They will be updated to reflect the team you have like in the image below: The Final is on the 11th of July with the new horses being delivered to the winners shortly after the conclusion of the final. If England win this could be a few days late as I, along with the rest of the country, will be going absolutely nuts!!

The horses to be won... 😍

We will be breeding special horses just for the event which will finish in mid July. The table below shows the horses we are breeding and their order in the sweepstakes. The foal is the horse on offer in each sweepstake. Take a look at the notes in yellow, you could land yourself a super rare super coat if you get in early!! If we make it to sweepstake 5 then you will be getting a horse with some incredible blood!

Join the discord

We have set up a special #euro-sweepstakes channel to discuss the tournament as it goes on! You'll also earn a special 'Zombie Champion' role if you enter! Whether you have a token or just love football and want a place to chat then jump in and join the fun. As the tournament progresses it will definitely hot up in there as rivals face off in the knock out stages! Link to the discord


All the sales will take place on Opensea, here is the link!

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