What Is Zed Run?


Hi guys, Zombie Racing here with an article to explain some of the concepts at the core of Zed Run. This is to serve as a starting point for anyone looking to join the platform or for anyone interested in knowing a bit more! We might over explain some aspects of the site but that's because there are a lot of new comers to the crypto space and we want to cater to every one!

Core Concepts

At its core Zed Run is an NFT horse racing game built on the Ethereum network. You may be thinking WTF is an NFT or the Ethereum network?! Let's start with NFTs - an NFT is much like a real life collectible, like a limited edition star wars statue, a mint condition baseball card or a Pokémon card, with one major difference that it is not physical, it is entirely digital. A 'Non-Fungible Token' is a one of a kind collectible and on the Zed Run platform these take the form of the elegant geometric horses! Like collectible physical cards, NFTs can have information associated with them. For instance a Pokémon has a certain number of 'health points' or HP, in the Zed Run world there are a number of underlying stats for horses, like racing ability! The stats don't appear in the form of a visible number, instead it is down to the owner to race their horse and figure out for themselves just how good their horse is! The Ethereum Network is basically the power source behind these horse NFTs. It is the network that handles all the transactions between people, sites and NFTs. If people want to buy/sell their horses it also provides the currency that people are performing these transactions. At the time of writing 1 Ethereum (Eth) is roughly $3,350.

What can I do with my horses?

With the boring explanations out the way - let's move on to the amazing things you can do with NFT horses! There are many ways to enjoy Zed Run but we'll break down the main two here. Racing and Breeding.


Firstly, you're probably reading this article because you've seen a bunch of digital horses galloping down a track competing to win a race. If you haven't then you're seriously missing out. Here is our very own Zombie Boy smashing the 2200m all time record with a crazy sprint finish. The racing aspects to the game are relatively straight forward. You enter a race at a fixed price, e.g. $2.50, which forms the prize pool for the race. The winner takes home most of the prize pool with smaller prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. So there is a ton of money to be made if you have horse that is great on the track. The prize pools are getting higher as time goes on and the platform grows! We have seen horses win over $3000 in a single race! This is just one of the ways to make money and have fun on the Zed platform. The other is trying to breed horses that perform on the track and selling those babies!


If you are looking at the racing and thinking 'What do I do if my horse is a donkey and has no chance of competing on the track?' Well breeding is a way of turning that donkey into a stallion! On Zed Run you can breed new horses from male and female horses. The breeding process is done by a complex Genetic Algorithm (GA) that takes parts of the parent horses DNA and passes it on into a new horse. The GA contains a lot of random mutation too so its very possible that two terrible horses on the track can produce special racers, however if you have a powerful racer to breed with you are more likely to produce great racing offspring. There are a lot of theories on how to produce great racing horses and if you can figure out a good formula then it's very possible to start a great breeding stable from just a handful of horses! Zed Gazette is one of the OG members of the Zed community and if you are interested in finding out more about breeding then there are a lot of articles on his site to check out!

How do I get involved?

If this sounds like fun then there are a number of ways to join in, you might just have to wait for a good opportunity to buy. Currently, there is no easy way to pick up a horse, your best bet to buy one right now is on however we would recommend only buying on here once you have thoroughly read through more information on what kind of horse you'd like to buy. The supply of these horses is very low and consequently the asking prices have soared. You can also buy horses direct from stables when the breeding barn is open. Many stables mass produce bred horses to sell on to the community, like Zombie Racing, Doofy Racing and Poseidon Racing! We plan to sell some Zombie racers in the near future so be sure to follow our social pages to find out more about this as we release it! In the near future we will also see horse 'drops' run by the Zed Site. This is the best way to pick up a horse as the prices are extremely low in comparison to the secondary market. The horses on these drops are 'genesis' horses which is essentially the top level, rarest type of horse. Further information on horses can be found here. Hopefully you found this article a useful entry point to Zed Run! If it sounds good then read up some more as this is just scratching the surface of what Zed has to offer. Feel free to reach out with any question on any social channels and we will help as best we can! You can also find us streaming here so come along when we are live to ask questions too.

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